*FEATURED CLASS* Golf Flow – Strength & Stretch (60 min)

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Please enjoy this free featured class inspired by the First Annual Tin Cup Invitational July 2nd – 5th, 2021!

*Available until July 15th. After that, available to members only*

Golf season is upon us! Though this class is inspired by my golf loving compadres, it is guaranteed to get your blood flowing, golfer or not! My intentions behind this class are for you to develop strength for your muscles and joints as to prevent injury when you perform your favourite activities: golf, hiking, dancing, whatever it may be! In addition, my hopes for you are to experience less pain during and post game so you may continue to do the things you love!

Though yoga will not necessarily improve your game, the mindfulness you practice in yoga can be translated to the mindfulness in golf. Apply these postures and sun block to protect yourself! If you do have a golf related injury, I recommend seeing your doctor. Once you have recovered, you might also consider purchasing proper footwear as well as seeing a golf pro to improve your technique and body mechanics to reduce chance of injury!

Beginner Yoga Practitioner:

This class will challenge your strength, concentration and endurance. Take rest if you lose control of your breath or body movement to rejuvenate and continue the class. If you are looking for variations, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Experienced Yoga Practitioner:

If you often practice Sun Salutations, you may experience familiarity at the beginning of class. As it progresses, you will be mentally and physically engaged as we perform some not-so-typical vinyasa movements. Make changes where you see fit and have fun!