Gentle Mindfulness Practice – Dirgha Breath with Movement

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In this session, we develop the three part dirgha breath and incorporate movement. Your breath is the bridge between your mind and body. You connect the abstract, that is the mysterious mind, with the physical, the solid that is your body. This connection is made as you, your mind, makes a conscious decision to breathe in, to expand your muscles to accommodate the life supporting blend of oxygen and nitrogen (among a few other elements) and then to breathe out, to release. You become very involved in a process that normally requires no conscious thought to occur and yet, is necessary for survival. We then take that to another level of timing our movement with the pace of each inhale and exhale. This entails a large amount of awareness and focus and the practice itself will help you develop that skill. This video is one resource to learn and practice this skill with guidance and then apply it to your daily life. With practice it will become more and more accessible!