In the Flow – From my Mind to Yours

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I hope all are well as we find a new flow within these strange and uncertain times.

In psychology, “flow” is a term to describe a scenario when your skill level and the level of challenge you are facing are comparable. In this state, you often lose track of time and typically enjoy the sense of competence. When you skill level exceeds the challenge, you can often become bored. Before the flow, is a point where the challenge is greater than your current skill level. This state is called “control”. In this state, you are alert and attentive to details, as you are, essentially, uncomfortable. We most likely have this state before mastering any skill, whether we recall it or not, depending on the age you began to develop the skill. Who is experiencing this on many levels right now?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

I believe there is a correlation between the psychology term “flow” and the common western yoga style (vinyasa) flow. Though you may not experience ease or enjoyment in this practice initially (or perhaps there are always poses or transitions that elude you), the repetition and attention that it asks from you, leads you to become stronger in that skill set. The postures and transitions that seem to always challenge us or change more slowly, are apart of the practice as well. They will teach you to let go of attachment to outcome and rather learn how to sit in discomfort; to breath through it; to learn that you can bear hardship and come out the other side with a sense of gratitude and joy.

We practice on the mat and implement the learning into the everyday harmony of life. Whether you’re contemplating a yoga practice, recently started or have been on your mat for a long time, I would love to chat with you about these concepts and ideas.

Never far and always willing to make time,