Practice for Upper Body Strength + Core Awareness

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Lets build heat and awareness! Pair these movement with the ujjayi breath (which is described in the beginning of class) to keep you present. Your breath truly is the foundation of your practice. The discomfort you feel in this class will invite you into your body in the now. It is difficult to think of anything else when you are developing tapas – heat and change – in the body and mind.

We are carried through this practice by the beautiful musical stylings of Sol Rising. Electronic Flow to move your body and soul to <3

Beginner Yoga Practitioners:

This class is designed to challenge your physical strength. Do rest, especially if you lose control of breath and find yourself gasping for air or holding your breath. This is one way your body tells you that it needs to restore energy.

Experienced Yoga Practitioners:

This class will help you maintain your current strength while creating more. You have a plethora of variations in your tool belt if you decide to add or replace anything in this class. Rest as you desire!