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Intrinsic is the essential nature of the entire body.

It’s how the skeleton, muscles and organs lay within the body. Life can push everything out of whack. Through twisting, lengthening, compressing and strengthening asanas, your body moves back into proper alignment.

Yoga is the practice of paying attention.

We learn when we can go with the flow and when to make a conscious choice to create change. We align what we think, speak and how we behave to lead a life of wholeness, purpose and joy.

Discover yourself through our retreats.

Sometimes we go through an unlearning of who we are. We can let go of what we were taught, to discover what we truly value and what’s important to us. Our retreats focus on conscious breathing and deliberate movement to strengthen self-discipline. Renew your senses and cultivate loving-kindness at one of our retreats.

Movement beyond the mat.

Intrinsic Wellness goes beyond the one-hour yoga class. To deepen your yoga journey, we’ll help you learn about the philosophy of yoga. We’ll take you there through online yoga, insights and guides on the yoga sutras.

Practice with us.

You can find us guiding classes each week. View the schedule and roll your mat out next to ours.

Intrinsic Wellness members will also have access to a library of yoga classes to practice anytime.

Strengthen your journey.

Send us a message to learn more about Intrinsic Wellness, or if you have any questions about classes or retreats.

You can also get in contact at: [email protected].

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